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Professional photographer Sharon Latham is a critically acclaimed, successful and highly respected sports and reportage photographer. Her clients have included various international press and media organisations, Nike, Umbro and Etihad Airways, as well as individuals such as Noel Gallagher, Bruce Springsteen, Joe Hart, Vincent Kompany.  

Whilst working for the premier league football team Manchester City as their official club photographer, she traveled extensively and was privilege to visit some outstanding places around the world.  

Sharon, Selfie Guide’s founder & her team have been working super hard to get Selfie Guide from an idea to the awesome app it is today!

“Whilst on some of the amazing foreign trips with Manchester City, I would generally take a selfie at most of the key places we visited purely as I never really got time to spend being an actual tourist. I soon realised that these mobile phone pictures were actually a key part of my memories and time working at Manchester City.  I was so pleased I’d taken them and still enjoy looking through them now, some of these places I know I probably won’t ever visit again.

My knowledge and experience of framing a picture, angles and lighting, meant that my selfies were pretty cool, helping me gain 20k+ followers on my instagram account. I thought, I have to share this knowledge of where these amazing places are and how to capture great pictures.


I originally thought about a book then the more in depth I thought about it the more it lent itself to an app format. Three years later and lots of traveling, liaising with my app designers, stressing about money, marketing promo and so much more, our app is finally finished!  We wanted it to be simple and let the beautiful locations and pictures speak for themselves inspiring individuals to use the app and recreate these images.  We’re so pleased with how the app has turned out, and it’s just the first version!

Our users of Selfie Guide will help shape the app from creating future guides, to becoming our ambassadors. We’re very excited about the adventures ahead.”

Sharon Latham - Aug 2017

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