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Grand Canyon - Las Vegas Location Pack

Just a few hours away from the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas strip is the epic West Rim of The Grand Canyon.

We made the trip in our hire car, however there are lots of excursions from Las Vegas that take you there in wonderful air conditioned coaches. The journey alone through spectacular desert country and winding mountain roads is worth a few window pictures.

On arrival at the Grand Canyon you are greeted with the tourist Centre where you can choose to visit various parts of the West Rim of the Grand Canyon.  From helicopter rides to bus journeys you can choose what suits your budget or your experience requirements. All of the key viewing points can be accessed by bus, including the spectacular sky walk, a unique structure that jets out in the canyon, providing and incredible walk-on-air experience. We decided to take a helicopter journey into the canyon which gave us a breathtaking amazing experience whilst also allowing us to get some amazing selfie spots in the heart of the canyon. Our day at the canyon was completed with us touring round the other key viewing spots on the west rim via bus allowing us to take time to really choose and look at the best places for you to get that ultimate canyon selfie.

Download the Las Vegas location pack in the app and enjoy your trip to the Grand Canyon taking those key selfies as you take in the epic Canyon experience.

New Orleans

Bourbon Street - New Orleans Location Pack

The French Quarter, is the oldest section of the city of New Orleans at the heart of this district is Bourbon Street. Bourbon Street is awash wish bars restraint shops and is a wonderful showcase for old style New Orleans. We spent hours wandering around the whole of the French Quarter and wandered up and down the famous Bourbon Street choosing some key places to take some wonderful selfies.

Day or night Bourbon Street is full of life, music, food and fun and it’s well worth a visit for the people, the beautiful buildings and good old fashioned hospitality. Download the New Orleans pack to discover some amazing selfie spots in this wonderful part of the City.


Colosseum - Rome Location Pack

Rome has just so many wonderful amazing places to photograph however the most iconic has to be The Colosseum. We took a bus to this amazing part of Rome and spent a day wandering the perimeter and the inside of this magnificent building, hot and busy but well worth it. 

Trying to avoid the crowds is difficult, but there are ways of taking some great selfies in and around this epic structure. We found lowering the angle of your shots allows you to miss out some of the crowds on the ground level, yet still keeps the amazing Colosseum in the pictures. The Colosseum is a must see and must photograph part of Rome and our selfie spots here allow you to keep that amazing visit in the best way possible.  

Download the Rome pack in the app and take that Colosseum day trip.


Eiffel Tower - Paris Location Pack

The go-to structure in Paris is definitely a must on your visit to the capital city. No matter where we went in and around this beautiful city the Eiffel Tower was always in view in some way shape or form, in fact it became a daily game to “spot the tower”

Taking an early morning trip on the Metro from our hotel we started our Eiffel Tower experience at the Place Du Trocadero, the metro takes you straight there for the first amazing views of the tower. 

There are 6 selfie spots in the app for this wonderful structure and the first was taken from here. After spending some time at the Trocadero we wandered down to the ground level and continued our walk across to the Eiffel Tower. One of my favourite selfies here is taken just across the bridge from the tower, a portrait shot that includes part of the river as well as the magnificent Eiffel Tower. One cannot comprehend the scale of this wonderful tourist attraction and we highly recommend taking time to completely immerse yourself in its grandeur.

Download the Paris pack in the app to experience the beauty of the Paris including the amazing Eiffel Tower.


Cape Florida Lighthouse - Miami Location Pack

The Cape Florida Light is a lighthouse on Cape Florida at the south end of Key Biscayne in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Set within the Bill Baggs cape Florida state park this wonderful lighthouse is set in a beautiful part of the park. We went to visit the Bill Baggs park and found the lighthouse by accident. This historic lighthouse built in 1825 has 109 steps up to the top and is open 3 times a day for visitors to go up to the top and witness the amazing views. We took a couple of selfies from the top of here and the backdrop to these selfies is just stunning. The wonderful staff give you an insight into the lighthouse and its history including the cute little lighthouse cottage close bye.

Download the Miami pack in the app when you’re in this wonderful part of the world and see just how amazing Miami is and also its hidden gems like the Cape Florida Lighthouse.

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