How to use the app?

Download the Selfie Guide app from either the Apple or Android app store. Install onto your mobile phone and follow the instruction screens on instillation.

How to take a picture?

After following the map location instructions to the selfie spot click on the ‘Take Selfie” button to open up the camera, use the guide lines and face location to ensure the picture is lined up correctly. In the iphone application the shutter button can be moved anywhere on the screen to help take a picture. Press the reference button at any time to check the picture you are aiming to take is correct, the guides grid button turns the guide lines on and off. Once the user feels the picture is lined up correctly then the picture is ready to be taken.

How do I know more locations are added?

When the app has new locations added a newer version will be uploaded to the app stores ready for you to update and download.

How do I purchase the app?

The app is free to download from either the Apple or Android app stores.

How to share your pictures?

Once your picture is taken and your happy with it, press the share button on the top left of the screen to share to social media, email or camera roll.

How do I purchase a location guide?

Once you have downloaded your first free location guide any other location guides can be downloaded for 99p within the app.

How do I turn on alerts?

When the app is first installing a message notification will ask if you want to have alerts turned on. If you want to turn them on after this go to the menu dots top right of the screen.

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